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BioSafe is proud to be able to offer lawn, garden, pond care and cleaning products that are field tested, proven effective and EPA registered. Our ingredients include our patented activated peroxide formula, botanical extracts and naturally occurring fatty acids both professional growers, small businesses and homeowners alike.

We go beyond just our products. When manufacturing, we recycling and reuse resources, producing zero waste whenever possible. As the makers of ZeroTol 2.0 and OxiDate 2.0, our retail line of lawn and garden products utilize the same unique and effective formulations that are being used in commercial applications – just packaged in smaller sizes.

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Hard Surface Cleaning

We have pioneered the development of highly effective, sustainable, and organic certified activated peroxide chemistries for both professionals and homeowners alike. Hydrogen peroxide has been a mainstay in our home medicine cabinets for years. BioSafe Systems has simply crafted products that combine the time tested power of hydrogen peroxide with the gentleness of botanical extracts.

The BioSafe’s SaniDate Line of products are alternatives to harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach products like Fantastic®, phenol-based products such as Lysol®, or alcohol-based wipe products. All of these products can negatively impact young children and or small pets, as well as causing allergic reactions to adults.

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Lawn & Garden

Organic, effective and tested solutions to everyday problems in the garden, ponds and around the home. BioSafe Systems’ retail line of lawn and garden products utilize the superior chemistry that are being used in commercial applications – just packaged in smaller sizes.

BioSafe Disease Control protects plants from disease and keeps roots & stems strong and healthy. Commercial growers use this formula in their operations from start to finish to ensure better plants at their garden centers. Use this product weekly when watering the plant and soil to protect against disease pressure.

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Pond Care

Algae in ponds and fountains can be a stubborn nuisance, no matter what time of year it is. Having a clean and aesthetically pleasing water feature free of unsightly algae, foul odors, and murky water is easy with GreenClean Granular Algaecide!  GreenClean Granular’s patented formulation contains powerful oxidizers that annihilate algal cells (ALL species of algae) on contact!

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