The GreenClean Team 1

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This bundle comes with GreenClean Granular 2.5 lb and GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria 17 oz.

Use GreenClean Granular Algaecide with confidence in water gardens, ornamental ponds, fountains, irrigation ponds, and other water features. GreenClean Granular Algaecide is effective and offers immediate results when eliminating blue, green, and string-algae.

Then, use GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria. Comprised of powerful strains of beneficial bacteria, this unique product is designed to bring pond water back into balance while helping fish and aquatic life flourish in a healthy environment.

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Through the power of oxidation, GreenClean Granular Algaecide breaks down algae cells on contact. Its unique organic chemistry immediately begins fighting algae blooms and releasing vital oxygen into the water as it biodegrades. It can be used as a curative or preventative treatment in any water feature, including those that contain fish, plants, and other aquatic life.

  • Chlorine, copper, and phosphate-free
  • Safe for use around pets, birds, fish, and aquatic plants
  • EPA approved
  • Treats up to 5,000 gallons

GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria is comprised of powerful, beneficial bacteria. This unique product is designed to bring pond water back into balance, while helping fish and aquatic life flourish in a healthy environment. GreenClean XTREME can be used all season to eliminate cloudy waters and odors. GreenClean XTREME reduces ammonia, nitrates, fish waste, and debris to promote better water quality for a healthier aquatic ecosystem for fish and plants.

  • Odor-free
  • Reduces the need for water changes
  • Creates a stable environment for aquatic life
  • All-natural formulation
  • Treats up to 17,000 gallons

When to Use

GreenClean Granular Algaecide:

Effective as either a curative or preventative algaecide, GreenClean Granular Algaecide is suggested to be used at the first sign of growth. For best results, apply in the morning hours of a calm, sunny day when water temperatures are warm. Sunlight and higher temperatures will enhance GreenClean Granular activity.

GreenClean® XTREME Liquid Bacteria:

Use GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria throughout the season. From initial start up to a power-packed shock treatment, it is an essential component to any maintenance program.


GreenClean Granular Algaecide:

  1. Check pH levels before applying – level should be between 6.8–7.8.
  2. Turn off circulation.
  3. Apply to affected areas, including waterfalls and streams.
  4. Skim dead algae from water surface to help prevent future growth.
  5. Turn circulation back on after 10–20 minutes.

GreenClean® XTREME Liquid Bacteria:

  • Apply to pond or biological filter area.
  • For initial start up: Use 1 fl. oz. / 1,000 gallons of water. Apply daily for two weeks.
  • For maintenance: Use 1 fl. oz. / 1,000 gallons of water. Apply bi-weekly.
  • For shock treatment: Use 8 fl. oz / 1,000 gallons of water. Apply as needed.


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