GreenClean Liquid Bacteria

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GreenClean Liquid Bacteria is comprised of 8 powerful strains of beneficial bacteria. This unique product is designed to restore pond water into the perfect balance and eliminate cloudy waters and odors while helping fish and aquatic life flourish in a healthy environment.

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A healthy pond is a beautiful pond.

By regularly using bacteria to maintain a thriving pond ecosystem, your water will be clear and your fish will be happier.
GreenClean Liquid Bacteria is odor-free and comes in a pour bottle that measures the product in the neck of the bottle without spilling.
Always get the right dose and never lose the measuring cup!

From initial start-up to a power-packed shock treatment, it is an essential component to any maintenance program!

  • Ideal for new ponds and ponds with aquatic life
  • Odor-free
  • Can be used all season – even in cooler waters
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrates, fish waste, uneaten fish food, and debris
  • Eliminates cloudy waters and odors
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife

If you have an algae problem, you want to kill the algae first. Remove the bad and then bring in the good.

We recommend eliminating the algae problem first with GreenClean Granular or Liquid Algaecide. Then, re-apply to keep your pond crystal clear all year long!

Comes in 33, fl. oz, 1 gallon, and 2.5 gallons.


Use GreenClean Beneficial Liquid Bacteria throughout the season. From initial start up to a power-packed shock treatment, it is an essential component to any maintenance program.

The Perfect Pour, no-mess bottle, makes measuring easy. Just tilt to the side and the measuring cup does the work for you!

TIP: If a shock treatment is needed, apply directly to the pond. Use 24–48 hours after applying GreenClean Granular Algaecide.

33 fl. oz. w/ bonus oz. – treats up to 33,000 gallons
128 fl. oz. (1 gallon) – treats up to 128,000 gallons
2.5 gallon – treats up to 320,000 gallons

Where to Use

  • Koi and ornamental ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Use GreenClean Beneficial Liquid Bacteria in new water features or those containing aquatic life.


Q: How do I get rid of cloudy water?

A: Cloudy water can be a result of decaying organic debris, fish waste, nutrient overload, or turbidity. GreenClean Beneficial Liquid Bacteria naturally reduces cloudy water by attacking out-of-control organic build up and then water will be back in balance.

Q: Why do I need to control pH levels?

A: pH levels that are too high (alkaline) or too low (acidic) can lead to unhealthy fish or plants, unpleasant odors, and algae growth.
You should maintain a neutral pH range of 6.8 – 7.8. GreenClean pH UP and GreenClean pH DOWN can provide you with the adjustments you may need.

Q: How does colorant help my water?

A: When GreenClean Blue Colorant is added to water, it not only adds a pleasing blue tone but it defends against the sun’s UV rays that promote excessive growth.

Q; What is GreenClean 02+ ?

A: GreenClean 02+ is a granulated, slow release oxygen and dry bacteria blend that keeps water features such as koi ponds in balance. This solution is great for hot, summer days when your fish need more oxygen.

Q: What other products does BioSafe have for ponds?

A: BioSafe Systems’ offers:
GreenClean Algaecides in granular and liquid
GreenClean Tablets for complete algae control

2 reviews for GreenClean Liquid Bacteria

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tammy Raymond

    I have a pond in my back yard with about 9 fish. I use this liquid bacteria during the summer time. My fish are happy and healthy. The water is clear. The water lettuce looks healthy too. I am very happy with the product. It arrived quickly too.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Virgil Condon

    I’ve used this product for three years. Excellent Algaecide, excellent service from your company and an excellent price. I didn’t realize I could order from the internet. Based on my experience in doing so I’m glad I did.

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