Garden Care Kit


SAVE when you BUNDLE!
This bundle comes with Disease Control RTS and BioSafe Plant Food 36 oz.

Use both BioSafe Disease Control to protect and BioSafe Plant Food for the nutrients they need.

BioSafe Disease Control: broad spectrum fungicide for healthier flowers, shrubs, lawns, fruits, and vegetables. OMRI listed for organic use.

BioSafe Plant Food 10-4-3: all-purpose, plant-fertilizing nutrient made of a unique blend of essential oilseed, helps plants grow stronger roots, greener foliage, and more blooms without a strong fish smell.

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BioSafe Disease Control is the right product for strong and healthier flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and lawns.
Its activated Peroxygen treatment begins working immediately and can be used on all stages of plant growth.
BioSafe Disease Control is environmentally safe and cost effective for prevention or spot treatment. It is a broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide labeled for diseases such as powdery mildew, late blight, black spot and more and contains no copper or other harsh chemicals.
BioSafe Disease Control leaves behind no harmful residue and can be used to treat plants, including edibles, the same day they will be picked.

When environmental conditions favor rapid disease development (high humidity, excessive rain, etc.), spray more often.

  • Increase plant health
  • Promotes stronger roots and stems
  • Non-harmful to pets, people, wildlife and, environment
  • Organic approved by OMRI, EPA-approved and bee friendly
  • Labeled for hydroponic and aquaponics use (not approved in California)

BioSafe Plant Food is an all-purpose liquid feed that is more effective with faster results that help promote more blooms. While other plant foods are made from fish proteins and fillers, BioSafe doesn’t use either. Our product comes from plant seed extract which the plant recognizes as its own, allowing BioSafe Plant Food to out perform other products.

This product can be used regularly on houseplants, container pots, vegetable gardens, flowers, and shrubs to support new, established, and struggling plants.
BioSafe Plant Food is easy to use and mixes in cold water.

  • No fishy odor
  • Low salt formula
  • Faster uptake of vitamins and minerals
  • Great for all plants

When & How to Use

BioSafe Disease Control easily hooks up to a garden hose for easy application.
Simply attach product to the end of a garden hose and turn on water.
Set hose-end sprayer to “Mix” setting and thoroughly wet all surfaces with solution.
Allow treated items and/or surfaces to remain wet with solution for one (1) minute.
Treated items/surfaces need time to air dry.
Do not rinse.
Turn water off and detach hose-end sprayer when not in use.

BioSafe Plant Food:

Use BioSafe Plant Food year round for growing, maintaining, and reviving plants from undesirable growing conditions.

Use regularly on houseplants, container pots, vegetable gardens, herbs, flowerbeds, shrubs, fruit trees, and more to support new, established, and struggling plants.
BioSafe Plant Food can be applied to either the leaves or the soil for absorption into the plant.

Easy to use directions:

  1. Mix one (1) fl. oz. to two (2) gallons of water.
  2. Feed plants every 7–14 days.
  3. For soil drench upon planting, mix one (1)fl. oz. to one (1) gallon of water.

For best results, make a fresh solution each time you feed!


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