Hydrogen Peroxide has been a central component in home medicine cabinets for years.

The SaniDate line of products are alternatives to harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach. No matter the environment, BioSafe has invented a solution that will stand up to any and every germ!

Children painting at daycare Schools and Daycare Centers

Schools and Daycare Centers are filled with unwanted germs and smells. Whether it is the lunch table or playground, SaniDate is your go-to choice for not just cleaning but sanitizing without harsh chemicals.

Cycling bikes at a fitness center Fitness Centers and Gyms

These types of facilities have crazy hours and the time to clean may be scarce. It is important for an environment like this to get a thorough wipe down whenever there is available time. Do not be afraid of smells or germs lingering! SaniDate will take care of any surface from the gym equipment to the bench in the bathroom. Be sure to stock up on SaniDate because you can never get enough!

Two restaurant employees serving food in the kitchen Restaurants and Cafés

The idea of using a solution with "hydrogen peroxide" in it may scare some individuals but at BioSafe, we promise that it is the best thing you can use! In a restaurant, tables and chairs are the victims of a busy rush that contains none other than germs and uncleanliness. Keeping a sanitary environment can ensure the spreading of germs is stopped immediately. The customers are the recipients of all good and bad that happens in restaurants. Food safety is not harmed in the use of this product!

SaniDate Hard Surface RTU and Sanitizing Wipes

The power of hydrogen peroxide with the gentleness of botanical extracts.

BioSafe’s SaniDate is safe in all environments. After use, it leaves no residue and requires no rinsing. If odors are a worry, SaniDate will cover up any unwanted smells because it acts as a deodorizer! We have pioneered the development of a highly effective, sustainable, and organic solution that has proven to stand the test of time. It is a favorite among our consumers and we are proud to continue selling it twenty years later!