Hydrogen peroxide has been a mainstay in home medicine cabinets for years.

The SaniDate line of products are alternatives to harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach products like Fantastic®, phenol-based products such as Lysol®, or alcohol-based wipe products.

Children painting at daycare Schools and Daycare Centers

Public health professionals suggest using safer yet effective products with hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. Bleach can harm both children and adults, especially when strong concentrations are used.

Cycling bikes at a fitness center Fitness Centers and Gyms

Easily and safely clean, sanitize, and deodorize hard surfaces like workout equipment with BioSafe. Leaves no residue and requires no rinsing.

Two cafe employees behind the counter Restaurants and Cafés

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SaniDate Hard Surface RTU and Sanitizing Wipes

The power of hydrogen peroxide with the gentleness of botanical extracts.

BioSafe’s SaniDate line of environmentally responsible sanitation solutions for any small business like child care centers, schools, gyms, and more. Our revolutionary treatments offer smart, effective alternatives to products that utilize harsh chemicals. We have pioneered the development of highly effective, sustainable and organic certified activated peroxide chemistries.